About The Skyridge Group

With years of leadership, management, and organizational strategic planning under our belt, we help provide a clear path for your success!

The Skyridge Group offers career and executive coaching along with organizational and sales consulting with active hands-on support. Our structure was established to bring in specific customized resources based on the needs of each individual client or company.

About Dean

Dean Karrel, career, executive leadership coachingDuring his three decades of senior sales management experience with some major global companies, Dean has been a dedicated and passionate leader for the hundreds of colleagues he’s mentored and counseled. He’s a believer that by mastering the basic skills of business, including planning and preparation, a strong work ethic, and care for others we can differentiate ourselves from our peers and succeed in both our business and personal lives. Those skills combined with enhancing a colleague’s confidence to enable them to fully maximize their potential are things he’s found most rewarding as a coach and a leader.

Dean left the corporate world in 2015 to pursue his passion of coaching and training. He is a Certified Professional Career Coach.

Dean and his wife Debbie live in River Vale, New Jersey, and they love to travel. He enjoys gardening, cooking and a lifelong frustration of finding the fairway on many a golf course.