Pricing and Fees

There’s no cost to you for us to have a 20-30 minute exploratory telephone meeting. This will give you the opportunity to explain to me in greater detail your interest in coaching, training, or our consulting services.  Click here for a free consultation.

We will develop a program that meets your needs based on the objectives you’ve presented.

There are a variety of programs available, but they are customized for each individual and can be done on the telephone, video conference, or in person.

  • One Time Hourly Session: This is a quick review to provide some easy to spot ideas that can be implemented quickly.
  • Three Sessions: This is a series of three one-hour meetings, enabling us to dig in a little deeper into all aspects the coaching or consulting objective.
  • On-Going Custom Programs: We have worked with clients on weekly, monthly, and even full-year projects.
  • Corporate Consulting: We have examples of programs recently completed for full day and multi-week sessions.
  • Group Presentations: 45-60 minute keynote presentations focused on a specific business skills topic.